There is a lot of excitement our there in the world of mobile devices this week.

The Palm Pre just arrived on Verizon (shame, because if they had managed to get it there before the Droid, I would have been all over it, I am a huge fan and am still trying to figure out how to justify having two phones!)

Now, everyone is holding their breath to see what will happen on Wednesday with Apples big announcement, the possibility of a matching one from Verizon and more.  Rumours include the long awaited Applet Tablet (iTablet, iSlate, or whatever they are going to call it), Apple and Verizon working together, and much more.

My favourite place to keep up is Boy Genius Report.  Go check it our to find out more.

The good news in all this (other than Justin having more and better toys to play with) is that all of these advances make it quicker, easier, and cheaper to use Therap on the go and completely vindicate our initial vision of a web-based, browser based, cloud based system.  We had that vision when many people said there wouldn’t be computers in group homes and most of our customers were on dial-up connections!

Whenever people have asked us about mobile access, we have always said that mobile browsers would catch up and be the way to go.

Once again, it looks like we are being proved right.

:: Justin ::