I had some wonderful plans for all sorts of interesting blog posts while I grabbed a few days respite in Myrtle Beach, but it never quite happened!

I do though have some great ideas to talk about when things quiet down (you can expect those around 2012).

Yesterday I flew back from Myrtle Beach and drove up to Albany (with a quick stop to see my favourite Welsh-American in Monticello).

This morning I had a great call with the fine folks in the state of North Dakota (much more about this and all the good stuff in Montana at another time) before heading over to give a presentation to a NYSRA meeting for Directors of Medicaid Service Coordination.  I really enjoy showing off all the cool stuff that we can do for all our New York customers that noone else can come close to.

Then it was time to head off to Buffalo (where I am now) to meet with all the K’s (three of them in particular!) at Community Services and see how Stephen got on with his training last week.

Then it’s quickly back on the road, but more about that later!

:: Justin ::