This one however really takes the biscuit (or should that be cookie, or scone?).

In the midst of today’s ongoing downpour, we headed off to Poughkeepsie for a soccer tournament I was sure would be cancelled.

We got there and to my amazement all my team showed up – what a great bunch of kids and parents! and so did the other five teams in our group. We were completely soaked by the time of our first game (despite having a couple of canopies to hide under.

By our second (of 5 scheduled games) the temperature had dropped, the puddles were expanding (it’s fun seeing bunches of kids trying to kick a floating ball) and the tournament was called off for the first time in 17 years.

Given that we were already soaked and we’d come a long way with a lot of food, we decided just to fire up the grills and picnic – to some very strange looks from the folks hurrying aways on all sides of us.

This meant we were the last ones there and so we assume, the winners!

— Justin