Therap Training Academy

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We hope you are able to join us in these learning opportunities designed to assist I/DD Providers
in implementing the Therap system for efficient, secure electronic documentation of services.

Certified Trainer and Learning Lunch Webinars

Billing and Utilization Webinars

Conference Listing

  • Changing to Individual Based Caseloads – 03/04/15
  • Utilizing the tools in Therap to complete a referral – 03/06/15
  • Writing Qualitative Goals and Valued Outcomes through Therap’s ISP Programs –03/13/15
  • GER – Management Summary Reports and Tracking Trends across programs – 03/20/15
  • Peer User Presentation: New York specific MSC Documentation: NY ISP, MSC Notes and IDF Extension –03/27/15
View the full webinar list.
View the full webinar list.
  • Regional Conference in Schiller Park, Illinois,April 28-29, 2015
  • Regional Conference in Olympia, Washington,April 28-29, 2015
  • Regional Conference in Dublin, California, May 5-6, 2015
  • Regional Conference in Columbia, South Carolina, May 12-13, 2015
  • Regional Conference in Kansas City, Missouri,May 13-14, 2015
  • Regional Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 27-28, 2015

Therap National Conference in Greater Portland, Pacific Northwest,
January 26 – 28, 2016