the spare Mars rover

I’m spending a few days over here visiting my daughter Iona who has a summer job interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)..  Yesterday she was abe to give us a tour, it’s very exciting, especially if you have any interest at all in space and explortion (who doesn’t?).

 Justin and his doughter in Mission control at NASA
Top of the list for me was seeing the spare Mars rover (an exact copy of Curiosity) that actually could has gone instead of the original.  They have a Mars playground where the can test out manouvers and procedure.  It’s amazing how big it is, how they managed to do that landing I will never know.  Coll factoid – the patterns on the wheels spell out JPL in Morse Code!

the patterns on the wheels spell out JPL in Morse Code!

The we got to see Mission control where not only do you see the data coming in live from Mars, but also from Voyager, that’s data from outside the Solar System!

Mount Lowe Railway

Today was hike day, I love the mountains behind Pasadena and today we got higher than ever! We even discovered the remains of the Mount Lowe Railway.

Justin taking photograph in Pasadena (44)

Tonight it’s Fireworks from the Rose Bowl!

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