That was quite a weekend!

Friday was Good Friday where Calum and Iona’s groups and church put on a wonderfully moving performance, hard to describe, but all in the dark with just a few candles, and a mixture of contemporary monologues along with biblical crowd scenes.

On Saturday we headed off into Hartford to the Cathedral where Iona was confirmed. For a two and a half hour service is was actually quite cool!

Picture of Iona in Church

Now normally after being up so late and having had quite so much religion, that would have been enough, but…

Calum had volunteered to play trumpet at church not once, but twice on Easter Morning so we dragged ourselves out of bed, got there just in time for the first hymn, he did his thing and we slipped out for breakfast! Then back again for 10:15!

After that it was getting rather close to nap time, but a few years ago, without realizing it, I started a family tradition. The kids Easter baskets are hidden with a number of clues guiding them to their treasure. This year the clues lead to Scrabble tiles hidden throughout the house which they then had to combine and solve the puzzle.

Iona was going to blog about it, but she’s had rather a lot to blog about recently and insists on writing novels so it may be next Christmas before you get her version. So, her are the clues, see how many you get (noting that a number of them include inside jokes). There might even be a prize for the comment with the most correct answers.


1. follow the teddy bears

2. pass the test and you’ll be here

3. who is fairest of them all?

4. nothing to do with reversing bacon

5. Of something other than youth

6. A fortunate clue, edible too

7. A repository for old art and new greetings

8. Flat and Ferrous


1. A very small gesture

2. We never had one but this is our second two

3. It could all be turned off here

4. About 270K

5. A playable link under Dad’s Couch

6. For very large plates of meat

7. Fat and Regal

I may even give answers in a while, or keep an eye on Iona’s blog.

:: Justin ::