For the past six years we have been sharing an office with Jim and the rest of folks at Community Options. As you may have noticed from our address, this is in Suite 3 of our building (technically it is suites 2 & 3). Up until the end of last year, we shared the building with a hairdresser, but they moved out leaving a few rooms vacant. We are now in the process of taking over that space as a Therap office (and giving Community Options back their space). We’ve put a coat of paint over the place and today I went to pick up some desks for us.

This involved driving a larger truck than I have ever driven before (I’m not sure if it was more scary for me or for Stephen!).

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a larger truck.

Now we just need a bit of wiring done and we can move in! I am sure that Kara will give you the full details as she makes sure that we are all suitably organized!

Inside of a room

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