Over the last what is getting for half a century I have been developing my own view on life (sometimes borrowed from others, sometimes from bitter experience).  If you ask my family, they might tell you that it doesn’t always make sense!

Over the last 25 of those years that I have been working with people with disabilities and more specifically over the last 10 that I have been involved with Therap I have come to have some fairly specific thoughts about service provision, communication, and all sorts of related things.  I quite enjoy looking back and seeing how many of them have changed with time and more information.

The other day I was asked how electronic documentation impacts inclusion.  As I started to write down a few ideas, I realized that I had some pretty specific an strongly held beliefs on the subject. The the more I thought (picture Pooh on his doorstep only taller) the more I realized I had quite a few thoughts on similar matters.

So, over the coming weeks and months I am going to try and share these with you to see how they are received.

These are my thoughts and opinions, and while many of them will align themselves with Therap’s corporate standings, others will not or may not be directly relevant.  Either way, any errors or offences are purely my own!

I hope you enjoy them, please let me know what you think.

:: Justin ::