Ever since Therap 1.0 (I think that was about 1923, it may even have been programmed by Mr. Babbage himself) there has been an issue with GERs that report or allege abuse or neglect.  The problem is that anyone who can see a GER can also see that one, and that is not good for all sorts or reasons that you can probably work out for yourself.

We’ve brainstormed around bunches of different ideas, but never came up with one that was simple enough and effective enough… until now!

In Therap 7.2 you will be able to check the box (shown above) to give individual users the right to see a GER associated with abuse or neglect.

I’m really excited about this as a solution as I think it achieves everything we want and  can even be expanded into other areas.

It’s worth noting that users who do not have this box checked will also not be able to set up notifications for abuse and neglect or view these reports as part of Management Summaries or Quarterly Nursing Reports.

I’d love to know what you think

:: Justin ::