So, right now, I’m sitting in the Minneapolis airport waiting for my flight.  I’ve been here since around 9:30a but this is a fairly large airport, so I could kill a considerable amount of time, just by window shopping.  Unfortunately we had to cancel a visit with some folks here due to a winter storm that’s in effect, but they were very understanding.  Thanks Sandi! Hopefully, this doesn’t affect me getting home tonight.  I think that’s probably the worst time to be cancelled or delayed, — when you’re just ready to be home.  Looking out the window on the snowy tarmac, though, has me doubtful.

Sazzad actually lucked out because his later flight was cancelled, so they put him on a flight around 1:45p instead. I figure by the time I board my first plane, he’ll be home in NY :)  It’s pretty entertaining watching them hose snow off the planes that have just landed; I can’t tell what kind of liquid they’re using but I’d love to get some to scrape off the ice and snow off my car in the winter.

Looking back, Sazzad and I had a very nice trip.  We got to see a lot of the  beautiful countryside and met a lot of great people.  We didn’t make it to Mt. Rushmore, but it’ll be a goal for next time :)  Thanks to all who invited us to visit, and shared so much valuable information with us.  Hope to see you all again in warmer weather (just not tornado season).

Till’ next time,