There has been a lot going on in the wing of the Brockie clan in the last 24 hours.

Calum and I drove down to Allentown, PA last night to go and see a band called Social Distortion.  The gig itself was a lot of fun (though I stayed at the side with the more sedate older folks while Calum joined in the general melee!).

I’m not quite sure though how it was that Calum had the sense to wear ear plugs and I didn’t! (note to self for next time)

Meanwhile, in related news (in a brother-sister sort of way), Iona and Michele made the long drive to Ithaca, NY for Cornell’s Women in Engineering day.   This seems to have been a great success and confirmed Cornell’s place at the top of Iona’s wish list. 

I wonder if they do courses in crowd surfing?

:: Justin ::


This photo of Tanm’s that he pointed out, was too good not to add!  From his days as a wild young thing in Sweden.