It’s that time of year when it is time to start getting ready for the new soccer season.  We are now the Wolcott Warriors U-13 Boys.

As well as coaching this team, I am (by default) the club webmaster.  I inherited the website from someone who knew much more about these things than I do and have been patching things together for the past few years.

I have often thought that the answer should be a decent content management system but have never been able to find one that:
a) I liked
b) The club could afford
c) Wasn’t filled with ads
d) I could work out how to install on our web host (just your standard cheap web host – GNX Online to be exact)

Somehow all of a sudden this evening I cracked it.  Using Joomla! I found a free, open source system that I was able (reasonably) easily to install and make it look the way I want.

I still don’t completely get the template piece, and have some graphics work to do, but it’s most definitely getting there.

The nice thing is that I will be able to give other people the ability to add content and it has a lot of built in functionality.

You can see our existing website at and take a quick peek at the future at

If you have any ideas or solutions I would love to hear them.

How much do I love Open Source!