Rowing at Oxford i 1917

While I have been over here I have been helping my mum put the final touches to a website which will publish letters her aunt wrote from Oxford University in the early 20th Century.

Here’s the intro:

Ethel Margaret Harker Collinson was known in the family as Margot.  She was born in 1896 and attended Streatham Hill High School.  She went on to study history at St. Hilda’s Hall (later St. Hilda’s College), Oxford,  1917-20, followed by a one-year teacher-training qualification.  She became head of  history at Parliament Hill High School, a member of the London Bach Choir, and a member of the Society of Antiquaries.  On her retirement from teaching, she was about to take over the archaeology of the Roman kilns in the New Forest when she had a stroke and died in 1957.

She wrote home regularly and these letters are about to be posted by date.  The first, written on 13 October 1917, will appear on 13 October 2014.  On 10 October they will be preceded by two letters from a former history teacher and one from the Principal of St Hilda’s.

The letters will be published in order over the next three years.

They make for fascinating reading, you can check them out at:

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