So many good things going on just now.

  • The Mets just can’t seem to lose, even if they try! They are a whole lot of fun and I have my money on another Subway Series in October. For some great observations on the Mets, check out Faith and Fear in Flushing.
  • Hearts are joint top of the Premier League. The trading deadline just passed with no major changes. We’ve got a week or so off as the is an International Weekend with Scotland playing the Faroe Islands in the first qualifying game for UEFA 2008.
  • Soccer practice started this week for the Wolcott U-12 boys. I have a great team this year with basically all the players coming back from last year. Our first game is next week so stay tuned for updates!
  • Iona and Calum started school today with Iona having her first day at high school (am I getting old or what).

and they’re all great!

:: Justin