This morning we saw a great presentation, “Life on Wheels, by Gary Karp. He is the author of several books and his presentation really was one of the highlights of the conference. Through sharing his own experiences, he really did a wonderful job in breaking down some of the stereotypes that people may have of those, who happen to use wheelchairs and really made the audience think about current perceptions of people living ‘life on wheels’. He was really funny, a great story teller, and an excellent juggler :) I would definitely recommend looking into his work to anyone.

After lunch, we then had a productive meeting with Jackie, Gina, and Jessica from a provider here in Tucson. We helped them in going over a lot of the provider administration side of Therap and gave them some other information about all that Therap is capable of. Asif also got a look at their current billing situation, and they seemed excited for the opportunity to substitute their current billing situation w/ our’s. They also gave us some great insight on what it’s like here during summer–HOT!, and also, what the monsoons are like here. As much as I love Arizona, it sounds like I’d toast like a marshmallow in the summer time, without an SPF 1000 or a full body suit.

Tomorrow’s our last day in Arizona, before we head off to the INARF conference in Indiana.

Until next time…