We are making a slight change to the way that you temporarily keep users out of the system in our upcoming release.  Don’t forget that you can try out Therap 2016.0 at https://beta.TherapServices.net

There are two user statuses that do not allow them to log in, Locked and Inactive. (actually Pending doesn’t either but that doesn’t really count in this conversation!

Locked has been what happened when you entered an incorrect password too many times or did not change your password within the required time.  This will still be the case, but we are now offering the opportunity to set a user’s status to Locked.  This is what you would do if you wanted to temporarily stop them logging in, perhaps during a suspension or a leave.  You can quickly do it from the User List as you see below.

We are now saving Deactivate for when you don’t expect the user to be coming back.  In this case we will remove their privileges too.  Of course, if you want to re-activate them you can, you will just need to assign new caseloads and super roles.

Deactivate-Lock Users


All pretty straight forward, if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.

:: Justin ::