Now that I have (almost) recovered from three days of intense Therap-ing it’s quite remarkable to look back on what went on.

I think probably the most remarkable thing is how little I was personally involved in.  With 16 sessions running in parallel it just wasn’t possible.  What I did hear though as I walked the corridors was how impressed everyone was with the level and quality of presentations both by Therap staff and Therap users.  Several times I heard from my colleagues (and the same would be true for myself) that they had learned things from the attendees at a session.

There are now many, many people at Therap conferences who know more about Excel and pivot tables than I do!  This is a truely wonderful thing and shows how much people use their data now.  However this particular old dog was still able to put some pretty big grins on faces by throwing some ISP Data and Billing Data into a pivot table and getting some quite remarkable results in Alaska, Tennessee, and Kansas!  I was also pointed in the direction of a free webbased tool from Microstrategy that can do some very cool stuff with your depersonalized data (Thanks Bart!).

Our new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are going to be tremendous! I am probably going to be most involved with the Nursing one which Deb is coordinating, but hoping to be sticking my nose iinto them all.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you definitely should.  There will be much more on SIGs over the coming weeks.  Watch this space.

The 1115 Waiver in New York is going to be really interesting.  It is going to be a place where we can really should folks in New York why it is best to be using a national solution like Therap.  The functionality that we have built to work with states and multi-state organizations is going to now work miracles in New york!

The hotel seemed to work well and we plan to be back there next year (perhaps a week earlier to avoid the superbowl).  Based on feed back we will probably run an airport shuttle that you will be able to buy into at the time of your registration.  Much more on all that in about 8 months!  If you have any suggestions for what we could do for next year to make the conference better, please let me know.  Why not start thinking now about a presentation that you would like to give.

There is nothing better that seeing people who are excited and passionate about what they do, they were both there in abundance!

Thanks to my colleagues, our customers, our friends, the hotel staff, and everyone who made this work.

Can’t wait for next year!

:: Justin ::