As I am making my way home from the Pacific north-west, it’s quite remarkable to look back and reflect on the progress we’ve made over the years and the exciting things that we talked about this week.

Firstly I want to thank everyone who made the conference such a resounding success, especially my amazing colleagues and our customers who traveled from all over the country to join in some great discussions.

There were a number of  new things that we touched on, showed off, or talked about at the conference that I will get into in much more detail over the coming weeks as we get closer to our 2016.0 release:

Pharmacy Interface

While this won’t be in the 2016.0 release, it should be here shortly after.  We are making sure that we have done all the testing we need to as we have to make some significant changes to Medication History in order to make it HL7 compliant.  Watch for much more on this, especially if you already use our MAR.

Health Information Exchange Interface

This was actually included in our last release, but looks like it will be going like next week as we connect to KHIN in Kansas.  Thanks to our partnership with Vorro, we are in a great position to send data to other exchanges.  If that’s something you are interested in, please get in touch.

A New Individual Home

This was a big hit at the conference, and if you haven’t looked at it yet, head over to to try it out.  This will become the place where all your staff go to enter data.

A New Login Page

When you head over to beta, you will see our new look login page.  This now gives us the ability to give you information about new features and upcoming events without taking over your splash pages.

A New User Interface

In beta, if you look at new features like Individual Home or Staff Ratio Tracking you will gt your first glimpse of our new User Interface.  It’s designed to be cleaner, quicker, more scalable and easier to read.  We’d love to know what you think.

Staff Ratio Tracking

If you are in a state that needs to be able to track actual staff:individual ratios in close to real time, this is the module for you.  Ask for it to be turned on in beta for your agency.

Business Intelligence

We store a lot of data on your behalf!  I think the most remarkable statistic I heard during Shawon’s presentation was that every day there are more than 1,000,000 T-Log reads happening.  Looking at all that data at once isn’t so easy though.  In fact it’s not really what our “transactional” database is most suited to.  To address this, we have made a major investment in Oracle Business Intelligence.  This week was it’s first public viewing and I think people were pretty impressed!  We are still at the very early stages of getting it ready for full public use, but expect to see and hear much more.

Data Driven Outcomes

On top of the Business Intelligence we are introducing a special data for mapping your ISP Data to any given set of corporate goals or domains.  If the first look at Business Intelligence impressed people, this just blew them away!  Again, we’re still quite some way from public availability, but we will be starting work with a few testing agencies.  This also has an interesting impact on the way some people (mis)use “fake individuals” which I will also talk about soon.

Case Notes and Case Management Access

We have been doing a lot of work with case managers around the country over recent years.  While ISP Data provides a great flexible tool for Case Management notes and billing, it’s not quite perfect.  However, our new Case Notes module it a tool designed specifically for those purposes and even more actions associated with Case Management.

Incredibly, that’s not even a full list of the features that will be in 2016.0, I’ll have to introduce you things like Dashboard Searches, Oversight Individual and Service Authorization  imports, GERs in Utah and Tennessee and more another day!

Thanks again to everyone who made the conference such a success, it’s going to be another exciting year in Therapville.

:: Justin ::

PS I didn’t even get to iOS apps and new features for Android!