Therap Presentation at Therap National Provider Admin Conference

Here are a whole series of thoughts.  Over the coming days I will try and expand on them and talk more about the new stuff that folks not lucky enough to be at Fishkill missed.

  • One day (and that day had better be our next conference) we will have a hotel where the internet access can cope with the needs of the folks we have attending.  Sorry for any frustration you may have experienced, enormous thanks to Bart from Ulster-Greene for all the work he did getting what access we did have.
  • What an incredible bunch of folks we had in attendance.  So many people came up to me and said something along the lines of “This is the friendliest conference I have ever been to”. Not only that, but the level of conversations and brainstorming was at such a high level we know that we will have the best system for people who are providing the best supports.
  • Individual Home was a huge hit! Numbers of people had already given their staff access, but the coolest thing was the people who gave access to their staff while we were there and then were able to give us the excited feedback that they were getting from their staff.  We also received a huge number of suggestions for how to make it even better and for what should be in upcoming enhancements.
  • Having the chance to show off new and not-quite-finished features to so many experienced users is a very exciting and useful process.  It was good to see that we are on the right path with things like scheduling for Medication Administration Records, our new flexible time/sleep tracking module, billing checklists and new data collection in NY (the mysterious TiFfaNY) and other even more conceptual things.
  • We have identified three particular groups of customers for whom we will be setting up new user groups to allow them to come toegther and share their experiences and needs.  These are:
    • Large, single state users (maybe more than 500 individuals supported in more than 40 locations, we are not sure of the exact definition)
    • Multi-state providers
    • States
  • For each of these (as well as other interest and geographic groups, be sure to watch for announcements of meetings
  • I love walking down a hallway in the hotel between sessions when every few steps there is another group of people having an in depth Therap discussion.
  • I work with an awfully talented bunch of folks.  Whether I am with the developers, our sales team, or support I never cease to be impressed – thanks guys.
  • The mobile/online conference schedule was great – next year I wonder if we can get away from paper ones?  I’d also like to make it even more interactive.
  • This will be the last conference that we will be bringing lots of laptops to.  Everyone that wants one brings their own these day.  We’re going to concentrate on bringing power cords and making sure that the internet works!
  • Being a part of something that is really changing the world is very, very cool indeed.

Thanks to everyone who made the conference such a success!

:: Justin ::

PS Jeopardy at the same time as the Certified Trainers meeting is definitely the way to go!