TherapWiki is now up and running!

The idea with a Wiki is that it is built and maintained by it’s users.

The goal therefore for TherapWiki is to provide a customer support resource that is built by customers.

This is obviously something very new and I’m not quite sure how it will work, but nothing significant was ever achieved without taking risks.

If you take a look at TherapWiki, you will see that some pages have information and some don’t! Feel free to add or change things as you want (every page has edit links or a blank page for you to write on!). There is a slightly funky mark-up language for formatting which you can read about here, but feel free just to type of cut and paste!

What I would really like is for Therap users to sign up for a TherapWiki account and add more info to the wiki about how you use Therap!

The potential for this is huge, if people are willing to put in a little work, I think we will end up with a great reference tool and a great way to promote inter-agency communication and best practice.

Please sign up for an account and let me know what you think.

— Justin