We have been talking with our friends over at Angelbeat about bringing more information to Therap customers about what is going on in the world of Information Technology.

They have extended a welcome to Therap customers to attend a webinar on September 23rd and we look forward to working together on events in the future.  Here’s what Angelbeat CEO, Ron Gerber has to say:

This 45-minute Angelbeat webinar on Wednesday, September 23rd at 2 pm east coast time focuses on top desktop/PC/client issues: 1) Microsoft’s Windows 7 benefits/features and upgrade/migration path from XP & Vista, 2) Intel’s multi-core chipset platforms and DVC (dynamic virtual computing) technology that save power and boost performance, 3) Microsoft’s and Intel’s support for thin clients and netbook/cloud computing, 4) Persystent Software to automatically recover corrupted PC’s and restore them to an approved/standard image. If you have questions before the October 22nd Windows 7 release and/or are developing 2010 desktop upgrade plans, then you definitely want to register for this informative session. There is no registration fee or cost for Therap users. Signup at www.angelbeat.com or call 516-277-2057. You will receive login instructions with your confirmation. Thank you very much for your interest. This notice can be forwarded to other people. There is a drawing at the end for a $50 Best Buy gift card. I look forward to this on-line interaction and seeing you in person at a future Angelbeat event.