I think that this is my favourite part of the a whole release cycle, when I first get to play with new features and modules. 

We are currently planning to release Therap 2013.0 in the middle of December (hope to have an actual date fairly soon, but you know how it is with these things).

There are a bunch of cool things coming out in this release, the biggest of which are probably Multi Individual Events and the completion of our CCHIT modules, but there are are other things in billing, ISP, and suchlike that I wil try and introduce you to over the next couple of weeks.

This release will also see us taking the next step towards moving completely from FirstPage to Dashboard.  In this release the system will default to opening in Dashboard and then if you choose to switch to FIrstPage (which I would strongly recommend against, you’ll see the following message:

Switch to FP

Watch this space for more, tomorrow I’ll talk about Multi-Individual Events

:: Justin ::