Lots going on in the world of sports:

Hearts actually seem to be doing ok. Four weeks into the season they have 3 wins in 4 games and are sitting 3rd in the league. They did lose to Airdrie in the League Cup (Hearts are good at losing to Airdrie in cups so I’m not going to worry about this, I seem to remember a number of miserable trips to Hampden). The new manager seems to have the team actually playing reasonably nice football (though a few more goals wouldn’t go amiss). Now all we need is for our mad owner to step in and ruin everything.

Mets: Where Hearts can’t get it done in the last 1/3 of the field, the Metropolitans can’t get it done in the last third of the game. The Mets inability to close out games is quite increadible. However, in general, I am very much enjoying the new Mets under the new Manager. It’s nice to have Jose (Jose, Jose, Jose) back playing the way he should. It’s going to be an exciting September.

:: Justin ::