Funnily enough, I’m not referring to the NCAA version (though I am trying my luck at a basketball pool for the first time this year – more later if I do well!), this is the Therap version!

Looks like we’re finally here, with the ANCOR conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday and the ADDP conference in Marlborough, Massachusetts on Thursday. Just received a very good omen today in that we were assigned booth number 42 for ADDP. This follows having paddle 42 at the Church Auction last weekend (we got a tour around the ESPN studios), and way too many other references to the answer to Life the Universe and Everything recently (though I am looking forward to the movie).

Look for posts from all over the place in the next week! Go UConn!

– Justin

PS This weekend is also Iona’s birthday. I was going to leave a list here of all the things we bought her to see if she noticed, but knowing her she probably would! – Happy Birthday Begohne!