As you most probably know, we brought out the first Beta release of MARs in Therap 8.0.  Since then we have had loads of feedback and barrowloads of suggestions from users around the country.

Based on all of that we will be bringing our next beta version of Medication Administration Records in Therap 8.1 which we hope to be delivering to you around the end of this of this month.

beta version of Medication Administration Records in Therap 8.1.

Probably this biggest single change that we have made is that now each month’s MAR is it’s own entity which can be set up in advance and reviewed afterwards.  In doing this we are also creating a full set of roles so that you can control who can do what both in terms of configuring the MAR and documenting the administration of medication.

In order to make these changes work the way we want them do we have added some new features elsewhere in the system.

Medication Administration screen showing new feature where users can add time when medication is administered.

Now, when you go to add a medication to your Medication History, you will be able to say exactly what time that medication is supposed to be administered (useful even if you aren’t using MAR)

Also, when you give meds we are now able to display your initials (which I think we will probably use elsewhere too in the future)

Your unique initials will be defined in your user profile.

My profile screen showing the area where users can enter initials which will be displayed on the MAR screen.

Next time I’ll show you how these come together on the new MAR.

:: Justin ::