Last night I made the rather long drive (about seven and a half hours I think) drive up here to Jamestown, NY to spend a couple of days working with the folks at The Resource Center.

Today we worked on Health Tracking, Management Summaries, TMS, and IPOP. Renee (the Therap Queen – and also the leading poster in our forum) has done some great work, especially with preparing procedures to help people be consistent in their Therap documentation and do things like acknowledging reading an IPOP via an ISP. It’s very cool stuff which she will share in the forum and also when she comes to our conference in Sioux Falls.

After a hard days work we retired for dinner and I was presented with this wonderful gift basket full of goodies from The Resource Center and the surrounding community.

Picture of Gift Basket

Now, Renee is incredibly polite and would never want to offend anyone, and wanted to say that this basket was for everyone at Therap, but I know better. Think about it: Did she give it to Allison when she came up here? Does anyone else at Therap need a whistle (bottom right of the basket)?


It get the message, I am the special one when it comes to Therap at the Resource Center, sorry Allison and Sazzad!

:: Justin ::