Justin in Missouri.

Today I was in Independence, Missouri for a Therap User Group hosted by Jeff and the fine folks at Developing Potential.  It was a great meeting.  We did a lot of work on Missouri billing and implementing the State of Missouri Incident Report form.

Of course, I also had fun showing off all the joys of Therap 8.2, there’s a nice group of Therapn providers coming together out here which always makes life better for everyone involved.  Tomorrow I am off to do the same sort of thing in Columbia.

Kansas City Royals.

After going out for some wonderful Kansas City barbecue, Jeff and I headed out to  watch the Royals play the Angels at the newly restored Kaufman Stadium.  The place looks great (I was last there for Calum’s 12th Birthday).  According to Jeff I got to see the best of the Royals (the new stadium (and especially that screen) is great, the game was rained out!)

:: Justin ::