This morning I had my first tour of what is going to be another really exciting new feature in 8.0

Again (like MARs and Personal Finance) our current plan is to introduce this as a “live beta” with the 8.0 release. As with all things in the development section exact schedules and features are always open to last minute change or exclusion.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at custom forms:

To start with these will be forms that Therap Admin (a level above Provider Administrators and basically means me or one of my cronies in Support) can create that will then be available to providers to choose from.

As you’ll see, we have a lot of flexibility and should be able to re-create the content of pretty much any form.

For this example, we were working on a risk assessment form from Minnesota.

Here’s the form in the editor:

Screenshot of Therap Custom Form Designer

Screenshot of Custom Form Designer Continued

One of the many cool things is that the elements can include data from other Therap modules such as an ISP Program or an IDF:

Screenshot of 'Please Insert Appropriate Data' Section

Of course there are also a bunch of regular elements to choose from:

Screenshot of 'Please Select a Component' Section

And your final form can be previewed:

Screenshot of Risk Management Assessment and Plan Page

When a form is approved, it is then available in the application to be filled out for any individual, approved, acknowledged and so on just like an IPOP form.

I was almost giddy with excitement (but that’s just me). I’d love to know what you think and what forms you’d like to see built.

:: Justin ::