OK, let’s take a look at how you will set up an MAR when Therap 8.1 is released:

Basically you can set up any month’s MAR in advance (or look at old ones).  Obviously this is all based on having the correct roles assigned to you.

Screenshot of MAR Configuration Search.

As usual, if you click on a screenshot, you’ll get to see it and many more in Flickr.

Having chosen the MAR you want to set up, you’ll get a screen something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Configuration page after Search.

Here you can work on the meds and administration times for the MAR.  Of course noone will be able to document administration until the correct month comes around and the MAR has been approved.

Now let’s look at the new MAR itself:

Screenshot of MAR Data page.

As you can see we have changed it a little so that there is almost a mini-MAR for each med.  This not only makes it easier to see what date you are one, but allows us to display much more information about the medication.  This will be particularly useful as we move forward with integration with First Databank‘s medication database.

You’ll also notice how staff initials now show up making it easier to see at a glance who administered what.  More info on initials here.

There are also a few changed when you go in to actually document giving the med.  You’ll notice the red square for when a med was missed.  You can also document a PRN along with it’s follow up:

Screenshot of MAR Data page with administration followup section.

Next time we’ll look at some of the reports and a new take on archiving that I really like!

:: Justin ::