I am going to quickly skip over Saturday’s Hearts-Hibs game (I may have to relive it with Paul, that’s more than enough!).

After that is was off to Plainville High School for the State of Connecticut Class S Swimming Championships Time Trials (quite a mouthfull!).  I am starting to wrap my head around how all this swimming stuff works.  Basically the top 36 high school swimmers for each event compete for 24 places in the finals (to be held at Weslyan on Tuesday).

Calum came in as part of the first ever Wolcott boys swimming team and as a freshman in the 200m Individual Medley and the 100m Backstroke.  While holding his own in the backstroke, he moved up significantly in the 200IM ending up in 25th place (just 0.2 seconds out of 24th!), so he’ll be the first alternate for the finals on Tuesday (yet another meet to go to).  All together very impressive!

A long time ago, in one of my early blog posts I asked the question “Why is it that coaches feel that it is necessary to tell kids what direction to swim in?”.  Yesterday watching both parents and coaches as the excitement rises there is much more going on than just “Swim that way”.  There is also:

“There is someone two feet behind you” (hold your hands the correct distance apart)
“Kick your feet” (Make feet kick movements with your hands as high in the air as you can – particularly aimed at backstrokers as the turn)
“Breathe” To be screamed at breaststrokers (do they often forget?)

All of this at people who are spending most of their time with their heads under water!

:: Justin ::