Any of you who have been to one of our conference before (or any other conference for that matter) know that often the last day is not all that well attended and tends to peter out pretty early.  That is not going to be the case in February!  We have such a packed agenda that we are going to fill the third day with sessions you will not want to miss.  We should have a fully updated schedule ready for publication in the next week or so, but one of the exciting innovations this year is that the days will each have a theme (see below).  We will still have a wide range of topics going on all three days, but there will be a concentration on the theme.

Here’s how it is shaping up:

Day One :: Tuesday February 2nd :: Working with Inspectors, Surveyors, States and Counties

Here we are going to have sessions which will cover topics such as:Working with Surveyors: How to explain Therap to your surveyor.

  • Using Therap to track admissions and waiting lists.
  • Working with Surveyors: Finding data and teaching your staff to do the same.
  • Cross Provider Sharing: Technical and Policy issues.
  • Interfacing with Other Systems
  • Communicating with state and county staff about & with Therap

Presenters will include Therap Staff, Provider Staff, and State Staff.

Day Two:: Wednesday February 3rd :: Therap: Working with Industry Leaders
We are very excited that a number of the leading companies that support the developmental disability provider community will be attending and presenting at our conference.  We expect that this will include:

Day Three:: Thursday February 4th :: Therap and Digital Health
Our focus on Day Three will be one electronic health records, Health Information Exchanges, Pharmacies, Electronic Medication Administration Records and suchlike

We are very excited to be joined by the folks from Hartford Hospital and eHealth Connecticut along with SMC Partners and other experts from this exciting and developing area.

Sessions will include:

  • Health Information Exchanges: The Hartford Hospital Pilot (for Connecticut Providers)
  • Health Information Exchanges: Other states
  • Implementing Therap Medication Administration Records
  • Brainstorm with Sazzad about Health documentation
  • Therap Electronic Medication Administration Records: User Panel

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