One of the joys of these visits is catching up and hanging out with family, both the oldest (my parents) and the youngest (my brother Nick’s two daughters Julia and Catherine).

Justin hanging out with his family

They came over from Milngavie (check with Renee for pronunciation) resulting in a wonderfully busy house and the obligatory trip to Gorgie City Farm!

Of course all of these visits and trips involve massive quantities of food and drink including fine dinners prepared by Mum, a very nice lunch at The Caley Sample Room and finally next door for Chinese with neighbour Ian

Justin hanging out with his familyJustin hanging out with his family

Then to cap of the day and the visit we headed out to watch Mum and her friend Helen playing the Clarsachs (Gaelic harps) at the local Women’s Guild. (I hope to update this post with a video when it is ready).

Believe it or not, in the middle of all that I was able to do a webinar for some folks in upstate New York!

There really is no substitute for spending time with family and I feel very lucky to be able to hop across the Atlantic like this.

I’ll be back in Newark, NJ tomorrow morning, see you all soon!

:: Justin ::