Cat in a Tree

Originally uploaded by Justin Brockie.

Back from sunny Arizona to snowy Connecticut! Thankfully the roads had been pretty much cleared by the time I landed at Bradley.

Just to add to the excitement I had to change planes at Chicago Midway just a day after another Southwest plane slid off the runway (you could still see it there). The landing was fine, but there was a definite tension in the air and relief as the plane slowed down.

Hearts seemed to be back to their old tricks today (a dull 0-0 draw at home against Inverness). Iona and Calum each managed to drop 0.8 seconds of times at a swimming meet in Meriden (seemingly the pool was a bit warm to do much better – I’ll take their words for it!)

The real excitement yesterday came from a neighbour’s cat getting stuck in one of the trees behind our house (photos by Iona – Click for a few more). Despite Eric (our neighbour) climbing the tree, the cat was having none of it. The Fire Department wouldn’t even come out to help (they always do on TV!). We just waited and eventually I think she just got too cold and half ran – half fell down the tree, thankfully with no injuries.

Today we went to see the The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe movie which was actually quite good. More than anything it made me feel old when I remembered how long ago it was that I read the Narnia stories to my kids.

:: Justin