The other day, Richard wrote an interesting post on Facebook and parenting.  It’s a fascinating concept and one I tend to focus on the positive aspects of.  How else would I know if my daughter was eating fish fingers and custard or my neice was in desparate need of a new pair of Doc Martens if it were not for Facebook, Twitter and the like.

I am also fascinated by Facebooks willingness to change its basic interface.  Each change is followed by screams of “What has Facebook done” and “That’s it, I’m off to Twitter/MySpace/Google+/ThePub”.  However the new interface almost always brings benefits and people are even more upset when it changes.

We’ve gone through the same many times.  It’s one of the reasons we have both FirstPage and Dashboard running at the same time.

The latest innovation coming along is the Facebook Timeline, you have to jump through a few hoops to get it just now, but it’s worth it.

Below you can see mine (making this a very long post).  You can click on it to get to a bigger version on Flickr

What an awesome way to present data (and lose a few hours!)


:: Justin ::

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