I always love it when Sazzad starts a conversation with something like “We’ve been working on this idea…”.  It always ends up being really cool and really useful.  I am convinced that he now understands the Developmental Disability industry in the US better that an awful lot of so-called experts.

Here’s his latest offering:

A normal ISP Report might look somethign like this (click on the image to see a bigger version in Flickr

Screenshot of a normal ISP report page

All very cool, but lots of numbers and not always easy to interpret.  How about if the report looked like this:

Screenshot of ISP report based on Column Graph.

or like this:

Screenshot of ISP report based on Line Graph.

Pretty outstanding huh!

As of now, these reports are still in development, so take a look and give us your comments and suggestions so we can incorporate them.

:: Justin ::