This is a follow up to a number of posts that I have made on the topic, but notably this one back in June.

A few very, very old people may remember when Therap looked like this:

Main Menu


Those of you who were around for the release of Therap 5.0 will remeber the excitement (and consternation!) when FirstPage was introduced.

Since then we have added so many modules that if you were to have a full set of roles you FirstPage would be so long that it takes a long time to load and is really hard to find things, let alone find those numbers where there are forms waiting for you to work on.

As we started to realise the a year or two ago, we first introduced Dashboard to display your information in a compact, easy to manage way.  I use it consistently and the lack of scrolling along with things like having all my Billing information or my Health infomation in one place make life much easier and more efficient.

We know that change can be difficult for people and that a lot of people are very attached to their FirstPage so for quite a while we’ve been running both in parallel.  In the long run this only leads to more confusion, so at conferences and on blogs we have been prompting people to get read for the change.

With our last release, we started defaulting people to Dahsboard.  You can still switch back, but we’ll nag you.

Now is the time to get used to the new format (I’m sure you’ll love it once you get used to it) because in our next major release, FirstPage will be gone for good.

You should also make sure that you are making use of Individual Home which has been designed to work in concert with Dashboard.  We are continually adding more functionality to both and would love to hear your suggestions about making them even better.

:: Justin ::