It is a very exciting time for Therap in Delaware.

Having now done a year of statewide incident reporting through Therap we are now starting the process of moving the whole state and all the providers in it towards a full implementation of Therap.

Thursday was the first meeting of the steering committee that is going to oversee that implementation process.

It’s a big task, but a very achievable one, and it’s great to be working with such a tremendous group of leaders to put in place what I belivce will be the model for developmental disability systems around the county. A system in which everyone actually communicates and information is harness to improve supports and service planning.

The other very cool thing is how much we are learning and cross-provider sharing, reporting and communication and the needs of states and multi-state providers as part of this process.

As with everything we do, the benefits for everyone in Therapville are going to be tremendous.