Over the past few days I have been working with the Wolcott High School Robotics Team on revamping their website – www.max1071.com

Max Website.

We’ve done a whole bunch of things that I have never done before and while we’re not done yet, I am really excited about what we’ve got and how it is turning out.

So far:

I installed WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS).  It’s really a blog package (actually the one one I use here), but works really well for this.  Particularly because there are so many Themes out there.  We are using one called Blue Mist.  I even managed to make some customizations to the look of the theme.

Then came a photo gallery (immaginatively called Gallery2) which I installed and with the help of a WordPress plugin called WPG2 I was able to integrate it into the website.  There are still a couple of blips but it’s pretty cool and probably my major achievement in thios process.

Finally I intalled a forum called phpBB.  I really haven’t done anything much with it yet and I am looking forward to a team member taking it on!

Now I’ll have to ask Bonnie if that takes me up a notch!

:: Justin ::