Today was a very exciting day for me in a number of ways.

Firstly, I am delighted to welcome Oak Hill into Therapville.  They are one of the most recognized and respected providers in Connecticut and beyond.

Today we were meeting to design their implementation plan at one of my favorite places.  The New England Assistive Technology Marketplace (NEAT):

The NEAT Center at Oak Hill enriches lives by enhancing independence and quality of life for people with disabilities including visual impairments. It sets the standard in providing innovative solutions, program excellence, services and advocacy for people with disabilities.

The NEAT Center at Oak Hill is a place to learn about products, equipment and services that assist people with day-to-day activities that they have trouble doing themselves, either because of a disability or the effects of aging. It is also a place to donate or buy durable medical equipment.

They whole building is full or adaptive equipment, software, and toys (Siraya gets some of hers from here).  I also love their car park.  The whole thing is handicapped parking!

We were using one of their computer labs which meant that I got to play with the Smart Board:

Justin showing Therap application on smart Board.

It’s funny, because often when I am presenting with a regular projector and screen I tap on a link as it something will happen.  Doing it on this screen it works!  I can tap my fingers on View and then read all my T-Logs just by touching the screen.  It made me laugh every time!

:: Justin ::