When Therap 7.0 becomes available (watch for news of a beta release in the not too distant future) there will be a lot of things that are new, enhanced, or expanded. At the same time, we are also looking to make things simpler (and hence quicker and easier to use). One of the areas where we will be doing this is with the roles for GER. On your Super Role screen the GER section will now look like:

As you can see, there are far fewer than there used to be. We made this change based on the analysis of how most users were assigning permissions. When 7.0 comes out we will convert existing roles as follows:

OLD                         NEW
Injury Submit ———- GER Submit
Injury Approve——— GER Approve
Injury View————- GER View
Injury Review———– GER Review

Mer Submit ————GER Submit
Mer View—————GER View
Mer Review————-GER Review

*Mer Approve remains the same

Restraint Submit——GER Submit
Restraint Approve—–GER Approve
Restraint View———GER View
Restraint Review——-GER Review

Other Submit———-GER Submit
Other Approve——–GER Approve
Other View————-GER View
Other Review———-GER Review

Death Submit———-GER Submit
Death View————GER View
Death Review———-GER Review

*Death Approve remains the same

* Other Roles: GER Followup, GER Delete remain the same.

Apologies for the wobbly list but I couldn’t work out how to do tables in my blog.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.