Screenshot of Account Settings

With our update today, we have added some enhancements to the searches for T-Logs and General Event Reports.

You can now decide which of your staff you want to be able to look at data which is more than 13 months old.  You can see the “Enable Search beyond 13 Months” option in the User Profile screenshot above.  This switch is defaulted to “No”, if you would like to give any particular staff the ability to search beyond 13 months, just change that flag to “Yes” in their profile.

We have also added a requirement that for searches beyond three months, an individual’s name is specified.

As we move on we hope to extend these options and controls to other modules.

In addition to these, we have added some functionality to the New York ISP.  There will be more about these on Kevin Lightle’s Blog later.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

:: Justin ::