Happy New Year

It is that time again for quaint British Customs, this time the New Years Honors List.  Where people famous (and not so) are rewarded for their contributions to society.

You can find the whole list here.  One again, Dad must have turned his down, though I am rather pleased to see both Ian McGeechan and Patrick Stewart picking up honours.

A few other notables that I spotted:

  • Dr George Daniels, MBE. Master Watchmaker. For services to Horology. (Ramsey, Isle of Man)
  • George David Main. Gamekeeper, Balmoral Estate. (Scotland)
  • Rodney Cousens. Chief executive Officer, Codemasters. For services to the Computer Games Industry. (Godalming, Surrey)
  • Mrs Gulrook Begum. For services to Disabled Bangladeshi People in Tower Hamlets, London. (London, E17)

To discover how the honours system works in the British Civil Service, you might want to check this out:

By the way, Iona has decided that when all is said and done she intends to be Dr. Iona Brockie, LOL, OMG.&; Seems like a reasonable goal!

:: Justin ::

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