I played a flying visit to New York today (my third venture into the state this week).

I was giving a presentation at the NYSARC (The Arc of New York State) Conference in Albany.

New York is a funny place.  Like many other states, in particular the bigger ones, folks from New York think that everything has to be from and of New York in order to work there (I have heard exactly the same from Texas, Florida, and California).

The interesting this about Therap is that we are all over New York: our office is about 20 minutes from the New York border (I think that’s about half a beer in Maine-speak), we have a bunch of New York forms including the 174, 148, IPOP etc and yet we are so much more.

The benefits that other folks get from using Therap apply just as much in New York as anywhere else (and sometimes more so).  Which leads me to say that we are New York, but more than that, we are New York and…

:: Justin ::