I spent a great (if long and tiring) day yesterday in Manhattan with a bunch of teenagers from church.

They were involved in what was called an “urban adventure” but was basically a city wide scavenger hunt. I was with Iona and two other girls who, once given a subway/bus card had to get their picture taken at twelve locations and get the signature of someone at each of them. There were two other groups that we were “competing” with.

They went to:

The fun thing was that the adult chaperons (there were three of us in our group) weren’t allowed to tell them what to do or when they were going the wrong way (it took a trip the wrong way on an N Train to realize that you have to know whether you are on an uptown or a downtown train!).

The girls did a great job and returned home happy, exhausted, and satisfied (though I suspect nowhere near as exhausted as the adults). Thanks to all the wonderful New Yorkers who took the time to talk to them and pose for pictures and sign their forms (even the Statue of Liberty played along!).

– Justin