After a full day of testing I am in awe and very, very excited! Version 5.0 is huge. To be more precise, there are about 300,000 lines of code which doesn’t even bear thinking about!

The challenge for me at the moment is to get as familiar with this version as I am with the current one so that I can demonstrate and train at ANCOR and be ready to train all our existing users before the official release. If you haven’t already, I strongly advise you to sign up for the 5.0 training sessions so that you are ready for the transition.

Just as a point of interest I am writing this entry on my PDA while my son Calum attends a baseball clinic in the now world famous (thanks to ESPN) Bristol, Connecticut. I am experimenting to see if it is quicker to use the on screen keyboard or Graffiti. I have decided that Graffiti is both more comfortable and quicker.

– Justin