Yesterday was always going to be and exciting day.  We were finally getting Iona back and we going to have the opportunity to hear all about her amazing 3+ week adventure with Outward Bound in the wilds of Oregon.

The DCF (the Connecticut Department of Children and Families) stepping in to really make it all interesting.  They called in the afternoon to see if we would be able to help with an emergency placement for a little girl with seemingly similar needs to Siraya.  We said, “Sure, but we’re not goign to be here, you’ll have to talk to Nicole”.  And that is exactly what happened, while we were on our way down to New York to pick up Iona, DCF came around and Nicole (who is, without doubt, one of the most wonderful people in the world) welcomed the latest addition to our family and go her settled in.  She’s absolutely adorable, though in typical fashion I’m going AWOL.  I was in Delaware when Siraya arrived and this time I’ll be gallivanting around New York and Indiana which Michele works her miracles.

Then to add to it all, Iona’s flight was late so we weren’t home until about 2am and I had to be up at 4!

It was all worth it though, Iona’s stories and photos were even more amazing than I thought they would be.

:: Justin ::