This afternoon, the Wolcott Warriors U-12 Boys played Wamogo in our last home game of the season.  It was, I think, just about the more remarkable game I have ever coached.

After 10 minutes we were winning 2-0 and I was working out the best way to set up our team so as not to score too many goals too quickly (our league has a 6 goal differential rule).

20 minutes later, we were losing 5-2!  They had a late arrival of an extremely good player.  by half time we had pulled back to 6-4.

At half time we were left with no substitutes (we normally have 3, but two boys were sick and another hurt himself at the end of the first half).

We must have had some great snacks though, because those boys went out and played some of the best soccer I have seen a team of mine ever play.  By the end of the day, the referee had the score as us winning 9-7 (though I have a feeling it may have been 10-7).  Either way I had a bunch more grey hair and several more points on my blood pressure!

Now if only I could convince Hearts to be so imaginative and attacking…

:: Justin ::