I got the following message today from a nurse at one of our providers in Connecticut:

Just wanted to share with you something about this Therap Services thing. It’s a really cool thing! I injured my back on Sunday evening and have been in bed for the past few days. There was a critical incident at

[a group home] and I was able to deal with it right from my bed with the help of my laptop. All appropriate paperwork was reviewed by me with some corrections made and then faxed to DMR within the same business day!! I also have been able to check in with Therap from home and my [work] email as well. I think I like this.

While it’s always nice to get such complimentary comments about our system, I think there is even more of a message in there about the dedication of nurses in general, and the disabilities field in particular. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet many more at the DDNA Annual Conference in Columbus Ohio in May. By the way – any idea what the official collective noun is for nurses? My personal preference has always been “gaggle”.

Funnily enough , there’s a latent nurse in me too! Hence my willingness to poke fun at them. In 1991 I qualified as a RNMH (Registered Nurse for the Mentally Handicapped) now known as RNLD (Registered Nurse for people with Learning Disabilities) at what was then South Lothian College of Nursing and Midwifery and is now part of Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. More tales about my experiences there are bound to follow.

Still on things nurse-like, at most of the trainings I do these days I include a few screenshots from our upcoming release 5.o Here’s one on vital signs that looks very cool.

– Justin