There has been some interesting discussion going on over on David Pogues blog about online music and copyright issues.  He posts a great list of questions for you to think about.  He also tends to get lots of really interesting comments on his blog (hint, hint) so do go take a read.
I’m not one to get overly judgmental  about this sort of thing as I do think that the music industry is several decades behind in addressing these sorts of issues.  Also, why does it cost 99 cents for a song, but if you want to use 30 seconds of it as a ring tone you have to pay $4?

Iona got a new iPod for Christmas (a classic, I fancied the Touch, but why do they put such a small hard drive in it?) so the question came up again.  It often does as she likes to put her videos to music, but can’t use the ones she downloaded from iTunes.

Funnily enough, since starting working for Therap I have become more or a zealot about music and a complete fanatic about software piracy.  I figure that if I steal other people’s software and hard work, then I should expect them to steal mine (and I’d really rather people didn’t).

So, what do I do to listen to music?  On my computer I use a combination of things.  Mostly I use Yahoo Music which does a really good job of customizing a “radio station” to your likes and dislikes and plays really cool stuff (lots of Billy Bragg and Stiff Little Fingers to regress to).

Now I have added to this list Songza (which Iona introduced me too).  I’m just waiting to find out that it’s illegal! It seems like the best of file sharing without the downsides of viruses and malware, I just can’t work out the copyright implications.  Eitherway, it’s got a cool interface and it’s orange, so give it a try and let me know what you think!

:: Justin ::

(yes, Hearts lost again)