It looks like there will be one more release before 6.0 (unless we decide we need more!).

This one has a few really exciting new features:

  • Incident Report Follow-Up Currently users with the IR Review role can add review comments both before and after an Incident Report is approved. We are splitting this into two roles. IR Review will now only allow users to add review comments before approval and IR Follow Up will only allow comments to be added after approval.
  • To go along with this will be a new line on FirstPage for Follow Up. Users with the IR Follow Up role will then get a count on FirstPage when a report they have rights to is approved. This is a great role for providers to give to State or County staff who need to sign off on reports after they are approved.
  • Activity Tracking (available only to Data Administrators) has been extended to track many more operations.
  • There are also some special features that can be made available to users who have accounts with multiple providers. If you’re interested in these, please give me a call.

Keep an eye out here and in the News section of the Secure Login page for more details about these and for when the release will be available.

~~ Justin